Sunday Check-In

A round of Words in 80 DaysI’m still not sure if I love or hate how close together the check-points are. Right now I love it because I always come off the line accelerating hard. I may not have been a very busy bee right here at M&S, but I have two pieces on the schedule next week at Persephone. I won’t cross-post them here, but fucking a, I damn sure will count them. Which makes my running count very comfortably in the black.


I can actually take most of the next week off if I want. The way the last couple of days have gone I just might need to, but … you know, it’s really not that hard to pick a random noun from my head — or the internet — and bang out 200 words. So even if I do one or two this week I’m that much further ahead.

I have to admit it’s so much easier to write when it’s merely padding the lead rather than struggling to hit last place.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In

  1. Debbie_e says:

    I must admit I’m finding two check ins a week a little bit stressful at the moment. I’m determinded to make though.
    Well done being so far ahead of your goal.

  2. Sharon says:

    Do not – I repeat, do NOT – stress out over missing a check-in. 🙂 I hit maybe one out of every 5 during a round. No worries. Just pop in when you can and tell us all how you’re doing. Happy writing!

  3. Kate C. says:

    As far as I’m concerned, there is only one check-in a week! hahahaha

    It seems like you’ve got a reasonable goal for this round, however. That is half the battle!

    Good luck on your goals. 🙂

  4. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Hi Brenda, don’t forget that ROW80 is made to be flexible. If you only want to check in once a week, that’s fine. I am finding it hard to have enough to say for two check-ins. I will be cutting back as well.

    Great to see you doing so well on your goals. Keep writing while the bug has you. You never know what exciting turn it may take next.

    Best wishes,

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