Sunday Morning Coming Down – Check Point

A round of Words in 80 DaysI’ll be honest I didn’t even look for a check in Wednesday. Nor have I managed to reply to the messages left on my last check-in post. It’s been a long week, complete with a couple of bugs going through the house. We aren’t just getting sick, we’re getting sick, getting better, and then getting sick again. Blech. The good news is it all seems to be swerving away from the little guy. A thousand cheers for that.

The other good news is even with all the crap going on and around, I’m still managing to stay in the groove. I can’t count it all — a lot has been over on my personal blogger account — but that’s ok. I think I’m still good with word count.

Let’s see. I should be around 2,800. I’m at … holy fuck.


Two weeks in and I’m a quarter of the way there.









I even hit on my not-official goal — a big chunk of that word count is a piece running Thursday at Perspehone. Plus I’ve been keeping up with my personal blog. Ok, mostly keeping up, I did take two days off, but I’m still going to count it as a win.

I’ll be honest I need all the wins I can get. I need a success. I need this to be a success. I’m slowing starting to realize just how far away  I am from where I want to be. That sucks but it’s fixable, you know? So long as I keep going I’ll get there.

But it’s a long strange trip, and sometimes it’s a hard one as well, and if I don’t get some blue ribbons along the way I’m very likely to just say fuck it.

So when I start thinking I’m Billy Badass and should just move the goal bar up a bit, I’m going to talk myself out of it. I can’t claim success until I hit the goal, so maybe I should just get there first – then I can break my arm patting myself on the back.

Until then, I’m just going to keep moving.


One thought on “Sunday Morning Coming Down – Check Point

  1. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Hi Brenda, it looks like Kait has hit some trouble and we have no mid-week check-in. So no one is left out, please come over to our Facebook group and leave a link to your check-in post and we will be over to visit. The page address is Alternatively, email me at and I’ll pass your post on. I know Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

    Should we have no Linky on Sunday, we’ll just keep working this way until things sort themselves out.

    Cate (Round 1 Sponsor)

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