Head Like a Hole

A round of Words in 80 DaysIt’s tempting to blow off another check-in but it’s been way too long since I have. I spent last weekend being horribly sick (what the fuck is up with being sick this year?), and this week both digging out from under it and being strangely productive in other areas. In other words, no words. Or, not many.

Although I just looked it up, 1698. Which is definitely more than not many. So grand total is 10171, which is right about on target?

Oh shit, just did the math on that, I’m still running over a week ahead. we’re 42 days in and I should be at 8400.

Yay. Maybe having my graphics card shit the bed  desk won’t totally wreck me. Thank the Gods my writing is all stored on the external drive. Smart thinking there, Brenda.

It’s also tempting to back out of here without mentioning my unwritten goal … which means, of course, that I’ve not hit it. Truth is not only have I not hit it, I’ve not even come close. It’s not for lack of trying, I have an electronic trash can slap full of electronic balls of paper. Everything I try to write gets stuck, and it’s so hard to hush up the asshole in my head who loves to tell me I have nothing relevant to say to a group of clever and bookish women, since I’m neither.

So word count, great, article count, sucks like an Electrolux. But I’m here, and I’m even going to say hi to the fb group (finally). I’ll still count it as a win.


There Aren’t Enough Sunday Song Titles/It’s Now Monday-Monday Anyway.

364 in draft

2700 in fiction

5409 accrued

8473 Grand total.

More than halfway there, and that’s a good feeling. I’m really surprised at this week’s fiction output. I hadn’t planned on it, it just popped in to visit one day, and what else can you do with that except roll with it?

And you know, the more I do it the more I realize what my main problem is getting longer pieces of fiction finished. It’s not momentum or interest (or lack thereof), it that I tell myself the story in big scene chunks, and then have no fucking clue how to stitch the big pieces into a finished quilt. And after so long of trying I just chuck it and go on to something else.


One unexpected thing I’m learning from the check-in is no matter how much I want to embrace the social aspect of it, I can’t get past being a big ball of fail. I swear I’ve forgotten how to social. I read a good portion of the check-in posts, but when I try to follow through with the comment aspect I kind of freeze (same thing on the fb page). It’s just not a fast, simple thing, leaving a comment  on any kind of piece. Even answering comments on my own, I suck at it, it takes me forever, and I just don’t have forever to spend on the commenting. It’s the age old dilemma — do we live in the moment, or live-blog the moment  Do I write, or write about writing?

Which is the long way to say I really wish I was better at connecting with everyone doing the challenge. Maybe that can be part of the goals next round.