There Aren’t Enough Sunday Song Titles/It’s Now Monday-Monday Anyway.

364 in draft

2700 in fiction

5409 accrued

8473 Grand total.

More than halfway there, and that’s a good feeling. I’m really surprised at this week’s fiction output. I hadn’t planned on it, it just popped in to visit one day, and what else can you do with that except roll with it?

And you know, the more I do it the more I realize what my main problem is getting longer pieces of fiction finished. It’s not momentum or interest (or lack thereof), it that I tell myself the story in big scene chunks, and then have no fucking clue how to stitch the big pieces into a finished quilt. And after so long of trying I just chuck it and go on to something else.


One unexpected thing I’m learning from the check-in is no matter how much I want to embrace the social aspect of it, I can’t get past being a big ball of fail. I swear I’ve forgotten how to social. I read a good portion of the check-in posts, but when I try to follow through with the comment aspect I kind of freeze (same thing on the fb page). It’s just not a fast, simple thing, leaving a comment  on any kind of piece. Even answering comments on my own, I suck at it, it takes me forever, and I just don’t have forever to spend on the commenting. It’s the age old dilemma — do we live in the moment, or live-blog the moment  Do I write, or write about writing?

Which is the long way to say I really wish I was better at connecting with everyone doing the challenge. Maybe that can be part of the goals next round.


3 thoughts on “There Aren’t Enough Sunday Song Titles/It’s Now Monday-Monday Anyway.

  1. tmycann says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about on the social side of things! I feel guilty when I see new comments coming in, because I know more often than not, I’ll just be a lurker on the other side of things. 😀

  2. slaybelle says:

    Congratulations on the progress. I think that’s really fantastic!

  3. Kat Morrisey says:

    When I started ROW80 I had those issues as well. The first, with the stitching the story together, I finally found an answer to by outlining. I had been a panster and proud of it. but I kept finding holes or needing sections filled in. Just doing a simple and short outline really made a difference.

    As for the social aspect, believe it or not, when I began this journey I was a wicked introvert. But one day I just started making quick, simple comments of support and good wishes on peoples’ ROW80 posts. Doing this was seriously one of THE hardest things I have ever done. Time is a issue though too. I make an effort to comment on 5-ish updates, to spread the support around, but then I have to stop. Otherwise I end up using up more time commenting than writing, and isn’t writing and creating the point? (I also flutter about twitter too, but that doesn’t take as much time out of my day it seems.)

    Anyways, enough of me babbling on. That is an awesome word count. Good luck this week and happy writing!

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